About us

  • We are a one-stop shop for interior furnishings whether it is for home, office, multiplexes, hotels, spas, gymnasiums or any public place.

  • We have a market leadership in India for over 50 years. “Furnishings” is in our blood. We are based in the heart of the traditional furnishings market in Mumbai.

  • Tradition does not stop us from moving with the times. From a showroom operation initially, we have a sales team who keep in constant touch with architects, projects, customers.

  • Our Market intelligence on new projects is our strength. Apart from superior products and good prices, we beat competition by our timely contact, being always in touch.

  • We collaborate with vendors around the globe to match your needs.

  • We operate on fair margins for quality products only, as we are bulk / project suppliers. Our USP is "Value for Money".

  • We score on service. Service to customers is supreme and we even overlook
    "Cost of Service" at times when it comes to "Customer Satisfaction at all costs"